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"Valeria" - Warrior Queen of Fire & Light
Latin meaning "Strength", "Valor"

Valeria, daughter of the Sun, commands both Fire and Light, with dominion over so-called "mythical" dragons.

"Born" over a millennium ago on Earth's sister planet, Valeria spent her youth on a thriving, life filled Mars. A cataclysmic extinction level event transformed Mars into a barren planet, while encasing Valeria in a protective "cocoon". In an instant, suspended in time, she was hurdled into the vastness of space, drifting for centuries toward Earth and her destiny...

Original digital art and photograph composites from the mind and lens of S.Michael. 
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Valeria  #V0001    With Title

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Valeria  #V0002    With Title

Valeria ~ Beach Assault                                      #VBA0012

Valeria ~ Dragons Den (close-up)                    #V9122CU        
Valeria ~ River Fog  #V7020

Valeria Dragon Den  #V9122D

Valeria ~ The Hawk Rider 2017                          #V5005

Valeria Shower I   #VSF99B

Valeria Shower II      #VSF51

Valeria Shower III       #VSF50

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